Another clip of Salah’s goal has been revealed, showing an incredible IQ.

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Premier League game last night Another clip from the Liverpool fan’s stand was shared. In Mohamed Salah’s goal that shows his incredible IQ.

  In the Premier League last night. Liverpool opened the home game to defeat Manchester City narrowly 1-0. With Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp being sent off straight from the team on the sidelines. The red card started with a problem. Between Bernardo Silva and Mohamed Salah scored the game’s only goal in the 76th minute. 

Another clip of Salah's goal has been revealed, showing an incredible IQ.

          At the time, it was said that Bernardo Silva kicked Mohamed Salah during the clash, which caused Klopp. Got a red card from the referee The Manchester City international appeared to foul the Egyptian at the end of the UFABET game, but referee Anthony Taylor did not give the hosts a free-kick. The event angered the Reds boss and he was kicked off the pitch after yelling at the assistant referee as the game continued.

The rhythm occurred while Salah Trying to escape the articulation of the Blue Sailing stars. But the former Monaco player brought him back. Both fell to the ground but the referee did not blow the foul. This upset the Reds players and caused Klopp to rage until he was sacked. It’s not over yet. because later we will see Salah faces Silva. And the Manchester City star pushed the Reds away , with Liverpool defender Virgil van Dijk involved. And Silva clashed with the giant defence. Of course, if you only look at the shape Silva was never going to win. However, what we might have missed during this clash was that Bernardo appeared to be aiming for Salah. It also appears to have an elbow intended. 

 It should come as no surprise that Klopp was furious at the turn, with the German sacked for his reaction after Taylor waved off the play. In addition, this game Salah was also highly regarded for his incredible IQ before City’s goal, with the goal coming in the 76th minute from a quick counter -attack, Alisson Becker’s thump in front of the ball. Reaching Salah, turning around , Joao Canzelo slipped alone to shoot the net. 

          Recently, there has been a clip of the goal from the fans’ corner showing that the goal was even better than we initially thought. that’s because Salah started running before Alisson even grabbed the ball. A photo taken by a supporter in the Kenny Dalglish Stand shows Kevin De Bruyne’s free-kick going towards Alisson. Salah didn’t even wait to see the results of set-pieces. He immediately started running towards Manchester City’s goal with the ball still in the air. Called the decision on Alisson’s behalf. When the Liverpool goalkeeper grabs the ball Salah had a beautiful run, then Alisson kicked perfectly and Salah did an incredible job. But it was his run from the start that created the chance for that goal.