Laporta was taken out of the referee’s room after the El Clasico outcry.

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Joan Laporta, president of FC Barcelona. They were kicked out of the referee’s dressing room. After raiding their duties during last night’s El Clasico game.

  Barcelona president Joan Laporta has been asked to leave. The referees dressing room following last night’s defeat by Barcelona in El Clasico. With Laporta’s side losing at the Santiago Bernabeu through goals from Karim Benzema, Federico Valverde and Rodrygo’s penalty , tensions rose after a slew of frustrations. Defeated as the legendary player-turned-Catalan manager admits his team is facing. 

Laporta was taken out of the referee's room after the El Clasico outcry.

          A report from The Athletic also revealed that Laporta had raided the referees’ dressing room after the defeat to inquire about the in-game decision. The report said: “When the match was over and the referee team was in the dressing room, FC Barcelona president Joan Laporta Astruk repeatedly approached and asked for an explanation of some of the circumstances at the tournament . He was invited to leave the referee’s dressing room. without any further incidents.”

          Laporta has been heavily criticized this summer over Barcelona ‘s financial woes. Which has led to widespread public controversy. The UFABET club will continue to spend during the January transfer window. “We are working on the market,” Laporta told Barca TV . “We have spoken to the coaching staff and we intend to improve the team which is already very effective. 

    On the other hand , Barca boss Xabi is not happy with his team “The feeling is that we are in a negative dynamic. That is, we are trying. We have faith. respect ourselves. We are trying. Fortunately, it’s three points. It was an opportunity to be at the top of the table and we came out empty-handed,” he said . We are not doing well We are in a terrible dynamic. And we have to change it immediately. I feel bad and disappointed. We are not as aggressive as we should be.”

          “I don’t think Madrid can beat us intensely. But they have maturity. They know how to compete better. They are a more successful and mature team than we are now.” “I won’t blame the players. it won’t happen (blaming the crew) I’m the captain of this boat and I’m responsible . We have to change our thinking. We are not in a positive dynamic. In the end, we show a lot of self-confidence. but still not enough I’m worried that we won’t play well in attacking games. We didn’t take advantage of our rhythms, it wasn’t a good day.”