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Potter holds two outstanding teams after winning against Villa 

Potter holds two outstanding teams after winning against Villa 

Graham Potter, Chelsea manager Come out to admire the performance of the two teams especially. After the navy blue lions stormed to win over Aston Villa in the Premier League last night. Graham Potter has lauded two players, Mason Mount and Kepa Arrizabalaga . For their pivotal role following his side’s

Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola has blamed VAR for not allowing Phil Foden 's shotagainst Liverpool last night (Sunday, October 16, 2022). The Blues' unbeaten season ends at Anfield. Thanks to Mohamed Salah 's shot,the Spaniard also criticized two of his players for doing their part for the winner. The mummified star's goal came from a long-kick from Liverpool goalkeeper Alisson , who grabbed the ball from a relatively light free-kick by Kevin De Bruyne, with Guardi. Ola has criticized the Belgian for not helping to get the ball back, and Joao Canzelo, who lost in a 50-50 duel to Salah, ultimately became the home team's winner. By Guardiola said: “It was a really good game. Both sides played tight as usual and we made one mistake. ” And we lost from that action only once. But overall the game was very good.” When asked specifically about Guardiola, Guardiola said: "He will learn. He will learn From that situation, he will learn for the future.” Manchester City midfielder Bernardo Silva is equally disappointed. with his manager for Foden's goal The Portuguese told Sky Sports : "What we expect from referees is consistency in decision making," "and when you choose not to whistle in the slightest clash over the course of the game, you have to keep Those judgments will continue. If you want to whistle on all the strikes then blow the whistle every time But if from the beginning of the game that you didn't whistle on a small foul Which we saw in this game that he let us play, which is good. So if there's a goal you don't have to blow that light stroke." Klopp gives one player a special boost after sinking + reveals the number of matches banned (with clip) Pep's goal was stripped for pressure at Anfield 'Klopp' very pleased with the 'Swan' players, beat the 'Boat' to perfection Salah wins! 'Swan' return to form sinking 'boat' first match in the Premier League In this game , Guardiola organized the team in a way he doesn't often do, with De Bruyne playing on the right with Cancelo. Behind him , Nathan Ake is at left-back and Manuel Akanji, who later played on the right, moved to centre-back alongside Ruben Dias. How Liverpool fans threw a coin during the game And it appears his allegations are likely to lead to an investigation by the Football Association. Meanwhile, Liverpool say anyone found guilty of throwing a coin at City's manager will be banned from attending Anfield for life. “We are aware of the incident involving throwing objects into the technical area in today's game. This is absolutely unacceptable behavior. and does not use the standard behavior we expect at Anfield . and offenders will be punished. including a lifetime ban from games at Anfield And it may be possible to be banned from playing football games," the spokesperson said.

Pep penalizes two players for their defeat to Liverpool

Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola blames two Blues players For their first Premier League defeat of the season against Liverpool last night.        Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola has blamed VAR for not allowing Phil Foden ‘s shotagainst Liverpool last night (Sunday, October 16, 2022). The Blues’ unbeaten season ends at